Utenos Trikotažas kept sales steady after 3 years of growth and operated profitably

 The textile producer, Utenos Trikotažas Group operated by SBA, had 30.79 million euros consolidated sales in 2019, slightly more than in the previous year when revenue was 30.46 million euros.   Revenue of the company Utenos Trikotažas taken separately maintained the level of 2018 sales and amounted to 26.98 million euros. The functional-technical garment-maker Šatrija achieved revenue growth of 9.1%, with product sales of 3.69 million euros during the year.  The Utenos Trikotažas group had a pre-tax net profit last year of 759 000 euros. The EBITDA for the group totalled 1.717 million euros, or 15.5% less than in 2018.  Changes in export markets 

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