Investment Management Services

Goldea Capital & Partners offers leading Investment Management Services.

Goldea Capital and theirs partners works closely together with its clients constructing top-down and bottom-up investment programs, sourcing the right funds through extensive market screening, analyzing the underlying data and supporting the client in each step of the investment process.

Our Investment Management Approach is based on a clear vision that the best talent is not confined to one firm or location, which drives our desire to access the skills of leading investment managers around the globe. For that reason, we do not employ in-house investment managers, but carefully select and contract external fund managers from the whole world market.

Our aim is to create a best-in-class, balanced portfolio, consisting of the best managers in each segment and geography. Therefore, Goldea Capital applies rigorous due diligence covering all important aspects for investors.

Our Services

  • Asset Management
  • Asset Management
  • Global Research & Development Incentives
  • Financial Services
  • Investment Banking & Brokerage
  • Credit Ratings & Research
  • Wealth Management

Accounting & Finance

Asset Management

Flexible Asset Management & Alternative Investment Funds

Our Approach

Investing in solutions that increase access to opportunities and services. We are continually developing products that seek to increase the long-term wealth of our investors.:
  • 1. Balancing and maintaining clients investment portfolios
  • 2. Researching the best solutions and managers
  • 3. Monitoring the funds and shares
We have a robust approach, with extensive in-house research supporting the skill and experience of our talented fund managers.


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More Effective

Our active management approach

As markets change, we constantly re-evaluate our investments to achieve the best outcomes. We take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise and seek to minimise downside risk when markets are less favourable. We interact with hundreds of companies each year to assess where your money should and shouldn’t be invested. We research investments to identify potential opportunities others may not see.

Responsible Investing

Our responsible investing approach, like our active management philosophy, is anchored in engagement. Our responsible investing consideration goes beyond the industries on our exclusion lists.

Featured investment strategies

We offer active investment strategies across equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives. Our specialist teams invest across global, emerging and frontier markets.

Every investment decision is informed by diligent research, a long-term focus, and the experience and expert insight of our investment professionals. Each investment strategy is carefully designed to address our clients’ range of investment requirements.

For further information on Goldea’s approach to responsible investing, please see our Responsible Investment Policy

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