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As an independent, non-conflicted provider of a wide range of capital markets services. We’re experts in management and administration services to debt issuances, securitisation, structured and alternative finance transactions across the world. Intertrust provide the highest level of service.

Our capital markets team are experts in management and administration services to securitisation, structured finance and alternative finance transactions across the globe.

As capital markets evolve across the globe and the lines between traditional finance providers, alternative lenders and investment funds continue to blur, you’ll need a bespoke approach from a service provider with a genuine understanding of how markets are changing.

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Warren Buffet
CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
Janet Yellen
Former Chair of the FRS
George Soros
Investor & Philanthropist

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Why do I need to use capital markets to maximize my wealth?
Apart from its role in revolutionizing communication, the internet was the driving force in bringing investing online, breaking down informational and execution barriers for a large class of retail traders. The subsequent spread of trading applications brought immense functionality to a wider range of investors, namely the ability to participate in financial markets with greater execution speed and reduced fees.

The next phase of evolution is already meeting significant milestones after UK-based robo-advisor and online wealth manager Nutmeg surpassed GBP 1 billion in funds under management last year. However, this degree of centralized execution and advice is less the case for crypto trading, which faces multiple challenges that make it unappealing to less-knowledgeable investors.

With a clear need present, crypto asset management tools are quickly emerging to assist retail investors with their exploration of the market. For the companies behind these platforms, the incentive is clear: the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is nearly $400 billion, and it’s starting to show signs of stabilizing.


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The key to our approach is a genuine desire to serve our clients, understanding their goals, and working together to meet them.
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