Investam-HK: How Technology Changed Investing?

As people’s life develops digitally, so is investing. Technology made a big impact in the industry as it requires new equipment and structures to keep up with the advancement nowadays. In actuality, technology has regularized investing for some decades now. It also helps significantly to decrease fees on investing.

One of the advancement technology has given to people is the access to international markets. Most countries have their own local markets where they can invest in, but access to international markets will contribute in the growth of their wealth.

Buying and Selling

Traditionally on older times, when you want to invest in the stock market you still need to call your stock broker before you can place an order for buy and sell. With this, expenses are high on commission rates mostly because all information must come from the brokers, making it harder for investor due to lack of alternatives.

An investor has no way in knowing what is happening to their investment unless they receive an account statement through postal mail.

But technology advancement made it easier to investors. Not only you can use this advancement to see your investment holdings, you can now also search the web widely to look which brokerage firm offers the lowest transaction fees for buying and selling securities with just a computer and an internet.

Most firms that offer investment programs now have applications on the internet and mobile that gives an easier access to investors to track their holdings anytime and anywhere. They can even get alerts and notifications by just setting a tracking monitor on their apps.

Technology has also given both investors and advisors the edge on researching and analytics due to wide range of information you can read on the internet.

Robo advisors

Robo advisors are artificial intelligence programmed to give financial advices or investment management, online. It lessens human intervention that lowers the cost of expense on commission rate drastically. Robo Advisors financial advises is based purely on mathematical equation and algorithms.

Robo Advisors are mostly use by new investors because they offer the lowest fees, low cost threshold and it is easier to use.

We will discuss more about investing it in the coming days. For now, browse and click more on Investam HK to know more about what we can offer for your investment needs
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