Announcement No 5, 2019/20

Interim Report
as at 31 December 2019
The Supervisory Board of Investeringsselskabet Luxor A/S has today adopted the Interim Report as at 31 December 2019.First quarter 2019/20:Basic earnings amount to DKK 11.7 million (DKK 8.0 million).
The Group’s profit before tax amounts to DKK 17.9 million (DKK 5.2 million).Profit before tax for the quarter is DKK 6.2 million higher than basic earnings, primarily due to:fair value adjustments of interest swaps and mortgage credit loans of DKK 6.5 million;fair value adjustments of financial assets of DKK -0.3 million.Expected basic earnings 2019/20:Basic earnings of approx. DKK 33 million are expected in the financial year 2019/20, which is higher than expected basic earnings of approx. DKK 31 million announced in the most recent Company Announcement No 2, 2019/20 of 16 December 2019.
Fair value adjustments of interest swaps and financial assets are not included in basic earnings and will until 10 February 2020 affect results for the year before tax by DKK 4.0 million. The amount is distributed with DKK 6.2 million for the period and DKK -2.2 million for the period 1 January to 10 February 2020.For additional information concerning this Interim Report, please contact Jannik Rolf Larsen, CEO
(tel: +45 3332 5015).
Attachmentfonds.medd. 31. december 2019-UK